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Re: xfree-4.1.0-1 vs benh-kernel

> 1. at wakeup, after sleep, the computer crashes! [kernel]

Each time? Only after sleep for a long time?

Each time. I will recompile the new tree, and re-test.

> 2. one single touch of the trackpad is like a double-click [kernel]

Use trackpad notap, perhaps. Should be in pmac-utils.

Emmm. I use the tapping more than the button. I hardly use
the button. I also noted that, with the previous kernel,
the mouse speed was different before and after sleep.
Will have to re-test this too.

> 3. group of pixels change color, like moving around [both fbdev and ati
> servers]

Wrong memclk or pll setting.

please, some more info on this. Where do I set these? What file?

> Am I the only one seeing this?

Apparently so. 2.4.6 (-benh from two weeks back or so) works just fine
here. So does the X server (4.1.0-0pre1v2; I doubt 4.1.0-1 is much

I am running 2.4.7-pre7 now, which sounds like 2.4.6. Wakeup and tapping
are OK. I have a problem with the modem though, as it is not recognised.


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