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Re: Problems Farallon Fast Ether TX-10/100 (DEC 21143)

Jeff Blaufuss wrote:
> I recently installed Debian 2.2 on my Powermac 4400, everything seems to
> have installed fine, but my ethernet card (a Farallon Fast Ether
> TX-10/100) won't work.
> Linux recognizes and configures it, but the link light won't even turn
> on.  Is this card supported?  Has anyone found a way to work around this
> problem?

I have one of these cards.  It had been working fine in a PowerMac 6500
with MacOS, but when I installed Debian I ran into the same problem.  I
did some playing around and I never could get the card to come alive
under Linux, either on ppc or 386 arch.  Funny thing is, the card works
fine with Win98 when I stuck it in a PC.  But Linux on the same box had
the same problems as when the card was in the PowerMac.  I tried both
old and new tulip drivers.  My conclusion is that Fallaron did something
different on this card that the tulip drivers don't know about, but both
the MacOS and Windows 98 drivers know the quirk.  Since all of my
machines are either Linux or dual boot, this card now sits in my junk

wes schreiner

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