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Re: wget -r segfaults

* Colin Walters <walters@cis.ohio-state.edu> [010722 08:29]:
> Peter Meilstrup <peter@lizardking.dabney.caltech.edu> writes:
> > Whenever I try to run wget with the -r option, it either segfaults
> > immediately, or after completing the first page. Any ideas?
> > (running on Sid)
> Yeah, I was getting this too.  What sucks is that recompiling with -g
> made it go away, at least for me :/
> I haven't been able to figure it out yet...

I noticed that if you turn the -q option on, it doesn't segfault any more.
So it may be some bug in the screen output code - an overflowing buffer? 
I'm copying bug 104325 with this.

I had some other problems with it not following linkds the way I thought 
it should be, altho I have little experience with it. So I downgraded from 
1.6-2 to 1.5.3-3 (stable) and it behaves very well for me.

I noticed in the bug list there is a new upstream version 1.7 also, if you'd 
rather go that direction.

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