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Re: realplayer question

Wilhelm Fitzpatrick wrote:

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Phil Fraering wrote:

Is anyone here using realplayer with Debian?

Yes, I downloaded it and installed it in my home directory.  It's been
working great ever since.  It crashes once a week or so, but other than
that I've had good success with it.

About the same. The most annoying thing about that is I have to change the mozilla config between i386 boxes (which have the RPM installer) and PPC (where I have it in my home directory too :-).

Note, I need to kill off esd before I can run it.  I don't know if there
is any way to get realplayer to use esd...

Yup, check the preferences, it's not too hard.


-Adam P.

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