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Re: stuff i don't know

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 11:57:52AM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> "Noah John" <minotaur@hotmail.com> writes:
> > 1.  Is there a PDF viewer included in potato?  how do i tell x to
> > use it to open pdfs when i double click them?
> There is xpdf, among other solutions like a pdf to ps converter and
> gv.  Try running "apt-cache search pdf.+view"

Where did you find the pattern definitions?  I had to write a script
that ran multiple "apt-cache search" and then looked for duplicate
responses to do multiple word searches.  Thanks.  I didn't see it in
the apt-cache man page (and still don't).

> I think the node "File Types and Programs" in the GNOME Control center
> will allow you to configure what programs run for certain extensions.

I believe you should look (man mailcap), though gnome/kde may do that
for you...

> > 2.  I have an iMac DV SE (graph).  I must use modprobe dmasound to
> > get any sound.  This allows xmms to play mp3s, but not cds (it loads
> > and plays, but no music), nor will the utility named "CD Player"
> > allow music (same as xmms).  Is there a way i can set this to stay
> > on, and is there a way to get my cds playing?
> Apparently Apple has braindamaged their machines by not directly
> connecting the CDROM to the sound card.  Try using the XMMS cd-playing
> plugin to play CDs.  I've never tried it, but it should work.

Find out which device is your cdrom, change to root, and:

chgrp cdrom /dev/<device>
ln -s /dev/<device> /dev/cdrom
adduser <your user> cdrom

Now relogin as you, so the group change will take affect, and try
agiain.  If this doesn't work, then you probably need to get a cable
to connect the cdrom to your sound card.

> > 3.  How do I get rid of items that have been placed on the toolbar
> > at the bottom of the desktop?  Assuming I haven't tried anything
> > (cause i can't right click and such).  If all i have to do is right
> > click tell me how to set a one button mouse to do that...
> I believe right clicking will pop up a menu.  I suggest you enable
> mouse button emulation (search the archives of this list for
> information on how to do it).

It depents on your window manager.  Which one do you have?  Also, I
believe on the one button mouse, you hold a keyboard button and then
the mouse button to get right and middle clicking.  Try the control,
option, and command keys first...

> > 4.  How do i get the games in gnome to work?  Right now I have to hunt
> > through the file manager...  Is there a way to get them to open when i
> > select them in the debain menu?
> I did "apt-get install task-gnome-games", and they came up in the
> "Programs->Games" submenu.  I'm not sure why that doesn't work for
> you.

Did you try the kde/gnome menus instead of the icewm/whatever wm menus
instead?  I've found that kde/gnome will honor changes in the menus
better than the WMs (specifically icewm is bad at this I know for sure).


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