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Re: serial printer


> > I'm running debian 2.2r3 on a PowerMac 7300, and am
> > trying to get an Apple LaserWriter Select 310 running
> > on the serial port.
> > [... blabla ...]
> I'm pretty sure that's normally an Appletalk printer. You might search the
> list archives, I think there's been some discussion in the last few months
> about netatalk and other options for printers.
that's what I first also guessed for, however, as taken from
an older problem with the Apple LW Select 310:
"Special about the 310 is that it does not use appletalk.  
 I know somebody that used it with linux by parallel port."

also, at apple.com, there's some description on how to get
it running with windows using the serial interface.

thus, my plea for info on how to setup the serial port
still stands :)
(I'd also be interested in seeing other people printcap
entries having (other) serial printers)

thanks, bye
Philipp Kaeser / furball@space.ch

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