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Xfree4(.1) on Lombard?


Didn't manage to get X to run on a lombard. First tried with potato and 
xfree3, which didn't work. I then saw linuxppc.org/hardware/lombard/ and 
thought, xfree4 (4.0.99) would be the solution, and did a dist-upgrade to 
testing. Everything seems to have worked fine, except that xfree4.0.3 won't 
start either. I didn't find a newer xfree 4 anywhere. So I downloaded 
xfree4.1 from xfree86.org and the patch for xfree4.0.3 from 

Of course it didn't work out, after several hours of fiddling around I see 
there are too many failed hunks. Maybe I would do it when I know that I am 
really the first person building xfree4.1. Am I?

I assume that installing the binary tarballs from xfree86.org won't bring me 
much luck because of the dependencies. (Would there be an easy way to satisfy 
dpkg's hunger for xserver et al?)


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