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whats up with powerpc buildd?

I was looking at the update-excuses page and noticed a lot of
unremarkable packages are apparently out of date on powerpc, many of
them have the exact same failure:

Most recent build log:

Automatic build of e2fsprogs_1.22-1 on voltaire by sbuild/powerpc
Build started at 20010623-1320
Fetching .dsc file...
Can't find .dsc file for e2fsprogs_1.22-1
(only different version 1.18-3.0potato1 found)
Skipping e2fsprogs
Giving back package e2fsprogs_1.22-1 after failure in find-dsc stage.
wanna-build failed with status 65280

other packages i noticed with this same failure: base-files, gcc, sed,
grep, pam, man-db, groff....  

did the buildd get misconfigured somehow?

Ethan Benson

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