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Re: XFree86 4.1.0: call for help

>> We need a way to use multiple ioBases from inside xfree to fix the problem.
>> The best solution will be to disable ISA I/O for now and get a better fix
>> later on.
>No, that's not the solution.  The solution is to get the kernel to return
>the *correct* iobase for the sepecific devfn, right now it returns one for
>any and all pci devices.  Since these strange UniN boards have multiple
>bases, it should take into consideration the devfn (which it currently
>ignores totally).
>Michel, find out your 2 (or 3?) iobases and try each one (hardcode it in
>X, set it for ioBase_phys) and see which one works.  When you find the
>right one, add that to the kernel syscall, or find a generic way to find
>the mask which sets those on that bus apart from others.

What kernel is this ? 

The kernel syscall is supposed to return the proper iobase for the card
and does indeed handle uninorth properly, at least on 2.4. I have to check
what's up with 2.2 (didn't play with it for a long time).

The "ultimate" fix is however to implement davem /proc stuff properly.
this would probably require more hacking as even internally, the PPC kernel
is currently unable to properly do inx/outx-like IOs on anything but the
external PCI bus.


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