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Re: Installer online help

>> nano-tiny -T15 -v /help.txt
> why not zcat /help.gz | more ?  

That would work, but I used tabs to make two columns; using the editor lets
me choose how much space for a tab so it's more readable and also gives the
novice an interface to use to search for keywords, and scroll back and

> we could save space using the above command.  reading files in editors
> is bad practice.
Isn't it all compressed by the time it gets into root.bin?

>> mkofboot initialize an Apple_Bootstrap HFS partition and
>>  transfer the configured yaboot bootloader to it
> don't call this an HFS partition, its not. when you call it that
> people expect they should be mounting it, putting macos on it, and all
> sorts of other evil things.



Chris Tillman

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