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Re: Two questions

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 05:17:46PM -0600, Patrick Klee wrote:
> Hi,
>     The first question I have is what do I need to read (Like HOWTOs and
> stuff.) to setup my Linux PC, to download Debian PPC and upload it into my
> iMac?  I don¹t have a floppy drive, and I heard it was possible.  I have
> dial up and can't afford Linux on CD right now.
> Second, 
>     I had SuSE 7.0 and pitched it in the trash, because I kept installing it
> but I restart or shut down my machine and when I reboot I get a blank gray
> screen like MacOS is trying to boot up.  How do I know Debian won't do this?

well you don't, but debian is nicer than suse imho

> I heard it had something to do with open firmware, but I just recently got
> this mac and was a PC guru for years.  I need some help.

you're right, it's an OF issue. if you are a pc guru then you'll know about
compaqs. mac likes to play similar games. i still have a dual boot with bootX
on my mac. if the yaboot installation from within suse failed, then maybe you
can use bootX.
as far as i could find out the only way to see the OF settings is with a certain
kind of monitor, which is very obscure. except that now i have linux on my mac, 
i can see the OF settings. and i think you can see the OF settings within macOS,
but i deleated macOS before i realised... but you have a new world, and i have 
an old world. i don't understand actually. maybe there is less support from suse 
than from debian. someone more experienced can tell you more though, but this has 
been discussed quite recently on this list, have you looked at the archives?

good luck.

> If you guys can help me out, I could send some Avengeline comics.  She is a
> superhero with a super hot body.  

this is assuming that everyone on this list is either a hetrosexual male
or a lesbian? or that those who are need a comic book to tickle their tenticles.

maybe you should go out and buy 'V for Vendetta', the art work is old school,
but it's the content that rocks.

> I don¹t' know the company, but the art
> work RULES!!!


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