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Re: X on new G4 Dual 533

In <3B167335.93029C68@netfall.com>, on 05/31/01 
   at 09:37 AM, Andrew Sharp <andy@netfall.com> said:

>Geez, I would first try booting from the CD and doing an install the real
>way.  It's about a billion times easier than all this.  If you boot off
>the CD, the kernel chokes when trying to mount the ramdisk?  I certainly
>hope not.  I drool at the thought of a dual G4.

Don't you think I tried that?... Geez! :)

The kernel on the disk panics when doing a machine check.

The latest 2.4.x kernel I got from penguinppc.org worked but
I had to compile it on my APUS setup.


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