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X on new G4 Dual 533

I managed to get a debian system installed on my new G4 533 dual. I have
only limited experience with debian.   Please forgive my ignorance.

I could not used the debian ramdisk image for some reason so
I used the linuxPPC Q4 ramdisk. (The debian ramdisk would not go past the
release notes and machine check screen.)

So I had to moved the unconfigured.sh out of the way and do some
configuring by hand.

As a result I have a few problems that someone might be able to help me

Can some one give me an example on how to install a major package like
X11, off a cdrom using Apt?   Apt always wants to go to the  internet
instead of the cdrom.  This might be because I have no cdrom entry in my
fstab.  The system will not let me edit fstab even though I am "root" and
the disk is read/right.  Has anyone ever heard of this?

I managed to install many packages using dpkg but this is definitely the
hard way, right?

Using Apt how does one construct an install command from the package name. 
i.e.  if I have package foo-1.4.4.deb how do I get the package to install
from cdrom using apt?

Is the system configuration tool that is on the ramdisk image available
separately?  If you say use linuxconf, I will cry because I do not like

Also, lastly, is there an X server that works with the GForce2 video in my
new G4?


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