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Re: ReiserFS on blank hard drive

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 02:08:04PM +0200, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Nope, reiserfsck does (or rather should do? ;) the same as e2fsck does.
> The log replay at mount time just replays the last few transactions, which 
> doesn't guarantee consistency of the filesystem.


> Yep, that's one of the major reasons why I switched to it from ext2. That and 
> no fsck at boot. :)

you should fsck it very often, so you know sooner whether its silently
destroying your data or not (see debian-user).  but as said,
reiserfsck is totally broken so you don't notice the data corruption
until things start failing obscurly or you find the contents of
/bin/ls inside xfreedriver.c  (again see debian-user).

> > Now i guess i could have run ext2 in sync also to achieve the same result.
> Maybe, but that would be very sloooow...

or use a journalling filesystem that has a fsck that works. 

Ethan Benson

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