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Re: mirrormagic on powerpc

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 11:04:50AM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> Gotta be root to use chroot.
> Besides, you can't use chroot that way.  There's nothing in the chroot
> if you do that - no apt, for instance.

Oh, fair enough.  I've never used chroot before so I didn't know.

> Voltaire is a public access machine.  You can't install packages, and
> you can't chroot randomly; you're supposed to ask debian-admin for
> them.  You can debug problems and rebuild packages with fakeroot,
> however, which is what I meant by "what it is for".

OK.  There's some new SDL libraries just come in, so I'll recompile the
package first on my i386 machine and then see if your autobuilder handles it
OK by the time the new package is ready.

Thanks for the clarification,


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