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Re: Booting to floppy

> The real question of course is: how easy should the install process be?  The
> Debian answer seems to be something like "As easy as our volunteers have time
> for."  Since all of us user/maintainers already have everything installed,
> and can use the working-if-not-friendly install process perfectly well to
> bring up new machines, there's not much incentive to improve things, so the
> boot floppies always get put off and done in a somewhat minimalist way
> (IMHO).  Then we get slammed in the press for being impossible to use, so far
> fewer people use it than perhaps should- though this does keep the list
> traffic down. :-)

That's the catch with the all-volunteer nature of Debian - at the end of
the argument, you have no one left to blame but yourself. Slammed in the
press? I don't think I care about that. There's enough good arguments to
be made in favor of Debian to make it a damn good distribution. You might
need to read the install documentation more carefully than with other
distributions, I concede that.
Don't get me started on boot-floppies. The guys that put up with that job
in return for much abuse have my sincerest respect.


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