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Re: Installing Debian 2.2r2 on a Tibook : help needed !

> I have tried to type in the full path to my kernel at the yaboot prompt as
> well (boot : hd:11,/target/boot/vmlinux-2.2.18pre21), but with no more
> success...

is the full path to your kernel really .../target/boot/...  If you are
booted into the installer, and your hd11 partition is mounted on target,
then that's the path you'll see, but on hd11 itself, the path should be
/boot/vmlinux-2.2.18pre21, shouldn't it?   That's where the default kernel
wound up when I installe from the 2.2r2 CD on my TiBook anyway.  My boot
line in yaboot was originally:


I'd suggest you try that...

Also, I screwed up my yaboot.conf several times, and was able to fix it by
booting into the installer from the CD, switching consoles, and manually
mounting my root partition (hd11) on target, editing yaboot.conf, and then
rerunning ybin -C /target/etc/yaboot.conf


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