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Re: Debian X package shouldn't install XDM by default

(This is the wrong place for this thread. Either contact the X maintainer
Branden Robinson (be prepared to get flamed ;) or post to the debian-x list)

"Michael D. Crawford" wrote:
> So who's the rocket scientist who decided that if XWindows gets
> installed, then XDM should be enabled?

What do you mean when you say 'XWindows'? I assume the task-x-window-system
package? If you read the package description you learn that it depends on (and
thus installs) _all_ packages built from the XFree86 source. One of which is

There is also the task-x-window-system-core package which only installs the
necessary packages to run X apps, not xdm for example.

At any rate, apt-get remove xdm will get you rid of xdm until you have X

> Imagine my suprise when I started my debian installation up again for
> the first time in a few days and found the XDM login prompt.  Well,
> that's OK, just press ctrl-command-delete and it kills the x server,
> then I can login and - whoa! - the X server restarts and I have the XDM
> login prompt.
> I could log in alright, but I couldn't move the mouse.  XWindows is not
> yet doing me a whole lot of good and what was really upsetting was that
> I could not log in at the console to disable it.

ctrl-alt/option-F[1-6] or ctrl-command/apple-F[1-6] switches to a console when
you're in X. You can do /etc/init.d/xdm stop there or startx -- :1 for an X
session with a second server.

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