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Re: Debian disk image

Um, doesn't the NONUS one contain exactly the same stuff as
binary-powerpc-1, except that it has all the good crypto stuff as
well, like sshd and so on?  It's the one I always use.  I would get
the NONUS one unless I was planning on installing on a machine
inside the US and then exporting that machine.  Otherwise, the NONUS
one resides only on mirrors and machines located outside the US so
it is cool for everyone to use.

Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 10:27:33AM +0200, lorenzodevito@libero.it wrote:
> > I've connected to ftp for downloading Debian disk images, I see two
> > files named "binary-powerpc-1_NONUS" and "binary-powerpc-1" what kind
> > of differences are between these img ? I'm italian, I must download the
> > first ?
> you must get "binary-powerpc-1" the NONUS one only contains the
> software kept in the non-US repository which is primarily just crypto
> (ssh apache-ssl etc etc).
> "binary-powerpc-1" should be bootable on a newworld mac when you burn
> it directly (don't allow macos to obfuscate it).
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