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I just upgraded my G4/AGP from 256M to 512M ram. I had 255M swap
(which I have now increased to 1.2G of swap). I am finding that with
512M I get random hangs on the swapon -a in my rc.sysinit. This
is with either 255M or 1.2G of swap and with either all the ram 
or mem=256M. This problem never occurred when I had less ram.
I am using the current Linux 2.4.4pre1 kernel from bitkeeper.
I am currently using the stock rawhide srpms on my machine.
Someone said that I should switch to Debian because it was
the only distro with a properly working utils-linux. Do you know
where I can get the ppc specific patches Debian has applied to
utils-linux to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.
                 Jack Howarth

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