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Re: new installation

   so, to use BootX i still need macos, now this system comes with only one hd,
   and it has macos on it ...
   does there exist something like fips, to shrink the macos partition ? so i
   can make space for linux, or do i have to add a new hd ? and can i just add
   a pc ide hd ?

The previous owner left me a copy of Norton Utilities "Optimize" to help me
get started, which is a defragmenting program that has an option to move
everything to the start of the disk for purposes of repartitioning.  I then
used HD Toolkit (which i already had) to shrink that partition.  Alas, i do
not know which open source tools will do anything comparable, but perhaps
a friend can you let use theirs for just long enough to solve your problem.  
Or if either of you are purists in terms of licensing agreements, bring over
the disk.  Needless to say, back everything up twice before repartitioning
or moving a disk if the data is important to you.

				    -- Tovar

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