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Re: X Mouse doesn't work on 8500; how to accellerate X

On   9 Apr, this message from Michel Dänzer echoed through cyberspace:
> Charles Sebold wrote:
>> I will say that upgrading to XFree 4 (from woody) significantly slowed
>> the video further.

I don't find XF4 slower than XF3... Dou you have the controlfb patches
in your kernel? Not sure whether they come with the debian 2.2 kernel

> This was true before XFree86 due to bad interaction between GNOME and
> the old shadowfb implementation which copied the whole area around the damaged
> region after each operation.
> I have gotten a patch into which not only remedies this by switching
> to the new mishadow layer which only updates the framebuffer contents
> periodically, it also adds RENDER and DGA support to the fbdev driver.

Will be interesting to try shadowfb again, then. I tried the unpatched
one on my 7600, and though some operations were faster, it was slower
overall compared to the 'naked' controlfb.



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