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Re: 604e's suck (was Yaboot Config Question)

On   7 Apr, this message from Peter Cordes echoed through cyberspace:
>  Now that I think about it again, maybe the problem is just that the L2
> cache is on the mobo, as well as being shared, so the CPUs have to go
> through the bottleneck bus to get to it.

Yeah, nothing like a backside cache, these ancient bus-attached
caches... 64 bit @ 50 MHz isn't fast, is it?

>> But the worst part is that the
>> 604e is but a very pale shadow of the 604, with it's half wide data
>> and address busses and basically non-existent L1 caches.  It's
>> specmark numbers for a 200 are below those of a 200MHz PentiumPro. 

Andrew, you're sure you're not confusing with the 603e here? The 604e
was, AFAIR, a beefed-up version of the 604 (with _larger_ L1 caches,
2x32k vs. 2x16k)... Also, the 603e is not multiprocessor capable, except
maybe with some horrible external glue & arbitration logic...



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