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Re: KDE2.1 and sound

On March 15, 2001, Fabian Jakobs <fabian.jakobs@web.de> writes:

>I recently installed KDE2 but I can't get the sound support working.
>xmms works fine but as soon as a KDE-Application plays sound using
>the arts server I get only strange speaker killing noise.
>I'm using sid with kernel 2.4.1 on a PowerMac G4 AGP.
>Does anyone have a hint to get it working?

I'm having the same problem, also with a PowerMac G4 AGP,
but using KDE 2.1.1 for potato, and kernel 2.2.18.

My only clue is an old message from Kevin Puetz
<puetzk@iastate.edu> dated Aug 31, 2000:

>aRts (the soundserver) does not currently work on PowerPC,
>so many of the multimedia apps will be silent - I have
>some fixes locally that make it work, but they need more
>polishing before they go in.

Perhaps these fixes never made it into the final distribution?

(It appears that the combination of debian-powerppc and KDE
 is somewhat rare and unusual. Most developers posting to
 this list seem to be using GNOME...maybe I should switch?)


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