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Re: XF4.0: Bad key release events for meta/control

"Jason E. Stewart" wrote:

> I've noticed something that I think is an XF4.0 bug, but I thought I'd
> check it with y'all first.
> I've had problems with this for quite some time. I'll be working in
> Emacs and scrolling down a bunch of text (Control-V), and I'll pause
> for a few seconds, still holding down the control key, then when I try
> to resume by hitting the 'V' it prints it to my buffer instead of
> scrolling.
> So I started up xev, and sure enough, about 4 seconds after I release
> the 'V' key, I get a Key_Release on the control key, even though I'm
> still holding it down. If I just hold down the control I don't get the
> spurious key release. The same happens with the Meta- key, as well as
> with other character combinations (not just 'V').
> What's up with this?? It's a riteous pain in the butt, and it's a
> bug. Any ideas of where to look for a fix? I used to work fine, but
> around the time I switched to XF4.0 it started happening.

Any chance you also switched to the new input layer at that time?

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