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Re: Install Question(s)

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 02:12:54PM -0400, Roy Wood wrote:
> I've downloaded and burned to CD-R the latest 2.2r2 ISO images, but 
> contrary to what is suggested in the install docs, I can't boot from them 
> (at least not by holding down "C" when rebooting, though I have to take a 
> look at open firmware tricks still).  Judging from some of the old 
> postings here, it seems that the best thing to do (since I have no floppy 
> drive) is to set up a Zip disk and boot from that to get going.  

just boot into OF, (comand option o f at boot) and enter:

boot cd:,\\yaboot

that should work, though you may have to enter

linux video=ofonly 

at the resulting boot prompt if your video hardware is unsupported.
potato r3 CDs will boot on all newworld machines, past present and

> As well, I'd be wise to juggle my partitions so I can install yaboot at 
> the start of the partition table, I believe.

yes, you need a 800K type Apple_Bootstrap partition before all the
macos partitions, it can be after the driver crap though.  read the
install docs to find the mkofboot command used to install the
bootstrap and make the system bootable.  

note the installed bootstrap may have the same problem as the CD, if
so boot into OF and enter:

boot hd:,\\yaboot and upgrade the yaboot pacakge from
proposed-updates, then setup /etc/yaboot.conf and run mkofboot (this
time without all the command line switches) 

Ethan Benson

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