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Install Question(s)

I'm starting out installing Debian on my PowerMac G4 450, DVD ROM, Zip 
Drive.  I have MacOS 9.0.4 already installed on the hard drive, which, by 
the way, is partitioned into 4 partitions, since I expected to install 
Linux on here at some point.

I've downloaded and burned to CD-R the latest 2.2r2 ISO images, but 
contrary to what is suggested in the install docs, I can't boot from them 
(at least not by holding down "C" when rebooting, though I have to take a 
look at open firmware tricks still).  Judging from some of the old 
postings here, it seems that the best thing to do (since I have no floppy 
drive) is to set up a Zip disk and boot from that to get going.  

As well, I'd be wise to juggle my partitions so I can install yaboot at 
the start of the partition table, I believe.

Any comments or words of advice at this point, folks?  

By the way, I'm very comfortable with my RedHat x86 box, and have 
survived all sorts of fun there in relation to funky hardware, so I'm not 
about to start whining that this is not just a one-click install, boo hoo.


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