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Re: what happened to gvim?

>> I'm running unstable, and I'd like to run gvim. I installed vim-gtk,
>> like on my PC (vim-gtk provides gvim), but I don't have gvim on ppc!

> That'll happen if the gtk development stuff isn't installed when vim
> is built.  (This is currently the case in Potato/Alpha -- I'd guess
> PPC is similar.)

Ah, is that what it is? I submitted a bug on the vim-gtk package and
looked into the problem briefly, but I couldn't figure out the cause.

> I worked around it by doing an "apt-get --compile source vim" and
> installing the appropriate generated .deb.

Can we get a powerpc Debian developer to do this and make an NMU, or could
the autobuilder's maintainer cause it to rebuild vim-gtk?

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