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Re: need a little help installing

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 09:49:07PM +0100, Otto wrote:
> hi,
> I'm trying to install potato on my pismo. I have MacOS 9.04, MacOS X PB and
> LinuxPPC running, so I figured I could convert a spare HFS partition to ext2
> and have debian and LinuxPPC share the existing swap partition.
> So I booted into the installer from CD, but for some reason, debian won't
> let me use the existing swap partition. whenever I choose "initialize and
> activate swap partition" or "activate previously installed swap partition",
> the installer complains "no swap partitions that had not already been
> mounted were detected".

linuxppc tends to create bogus partition tables.  the swap partition
needs to be type: Apple_UNIX_SVR2 name: swap

> I decided to select "do without a swap partition" and fix that later.
> then I tried to set up that spare partition to install on, so I chose
> "partition disk" from the menu and used that command line tool to delete my
> spare HFS partition and create a new one of type ext2 in its place. seemed
> to work fine, too, but still, "Initialize linux partition" gives me the same
> error as above.
> under "show partition map", everything looks ok, though my new partition is
> said to be "not available" (just like those LinuxPPC partitions).

sounds like linuxppc's partition table is corrupt.  

> just out of couriosity, I opened a shell, and the welcome message said that
> disks would be mounted under /target. well, not in my case. ls /target
> showed that /target is empty. !?

see your error above, you have not yet mounted anything.  

> after installing LinuxPPC few months ago, I really thought I could handle to
> install debian on my own.. oh well.

its easier when your not trying to install over a broken setup like
what linuxppc creates.  
Ethan Benson

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