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Re: BootX and the Stuffit Fiasco.

At 17:40 -0900 2/22/2001, Ethan Benson wrote:
stuffit 5 was not only made to damage mindvision, but i am certain the
massive changes in the file format were done because they knew thier
long proprietary format was cracked.  if they mean no harm to
mindexpander then they would document thier fileformat.

My personal feeling is more that Aladdin changed the file format more to break their own old software and garner money from forcing their own users to upgrade than to try and attempt to force a (to them) handful of open source advocates into using a closed source package. But I'm sure no tears were shed over that outcome.

This is, of course, IMO one of the largest problems with closed source software. Not only do they not care about screwing the free source people, they don't mind screwing their own customers.

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