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Re: mozilla 0.8 rpm from penguinppc.com

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 03:08:41PM -0800, Wilhelm Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I tried installing the mozilla 0.8 rpm from penguinppc.com, using
> alien.  It installed fine, and I can run mozilla from the command line,
> which creates a .mozilla subdirectory in my home directory and spawns four
> /usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin processes, but no window is actually ever
> displayed on the screen.
> The terminal window from which mozilla is launched displays:
> Registering plugin 0 for: "*","All types",".*"
> Registering plugin 0 for: "*","All types",".*"
> and no further messages...
> I'm running Debian testing (although not updated to most current)
> Any suggestions on what to try next?

my guess is that the rpm didn't bother to run the registry builder
utilities, if the registry is not built mozilla refuses to run unless
all its files are world writable.  (all AOL/Netscape cares about is
win98 apparently), try running this script, extracted from the
mozilla.postinst from the debian m18 package:

you have to run it as root...

# and now for the magic (thanks to blizzard at redhat for this)
# regxpcom is a pile of crap
mkdir --mode=700 $TMPDIR


# register components
echo -n "Registering Components... "
$MOZILLA_DIR/regxpcom >/dev/null 2>&1
echo "Done"

# set up the chrome rdf files
echo -n "Registering Chrome... "
echo "skin,install,select,modern/1.0">> $MOZILLA_DIR/chrome/installed-chrome.txt
echo "locale,install,select,en-US">> $MOZILLA_DIR/chrome/installed-chrome.txt
$MOZILLA_DIR/regchrome >/dev/null 2>&1
echo "Done"

[ -d $TMPDIR ] && rm -r $TMPDIR

Ethan Benson

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