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Kernel and Apple Display Connector

I have a 17" Apple Color Display (it is a crt, not an LCD panel;
http://www.apple.com/displays/asd17/specs.html) that connects to the
PowerMac G4 and Cube via an Apple Display Connector.  I have a Cube that I
have installed Debian 2.2r2 from CD and dual boots MacOS 9.

With MacOS 9, the screen is great.  With Debian, the screen is blank, as
if it is turned off.  As soon as the kernel starts to boot, the screen
blanks.  I can see Open Firmware and the prompts for booting MacOS or
GNU/Linux, but as soon as the kernel starts to take over, the monitor goes
blank.  A VGA monitor connected to the VGA port works just fine (and at
all the right resolutions) for both systems.

I have not yet updated/compiled my own kernel.  Before I do, is there one
in particular that supports this monitor?  If not, is there any
documentation on getting this monitor to work with Debian?

Ian Neath, neath@psych.purdue.edu

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