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Re: oldworld benchmarks & X funny business

Andrew Sharp <andy@netfall.com> wrote:
> [If you don't care about OldWorld Macs, you can safely hit DELETE now.]
> make vmlinux w/o cache: 60 minutes
> make vmlinux w/256KB cache: 45 minutes.
> Hmm, looks like a clear winner of about 25%.

Yeah, I got a hold of a 7200/75 once. I looked at some MacOS web pages and saw that one of the biggest performace limitations was the lack of a cache. So, I put a 512k or 1MB cache chip in it. I also found that the system takes 128MB dimms with no problem. So I stuffed it with 256MB memory. I then put in an Adaptec 2930 to get around the crummy internal SCSI limitation. Finally, I stuck a Voodoo3 card in it. With more VRAM the video performance of the Internal chipset is acceptable, but I figure the Voodoo3 even running as a dumb 16MB frame buffer was better.

-jeramy b smith


-jeramy b smith

"Linux is Fun!" -Linus Torvalds 

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