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X keyboard settings on Mac...

I'm using X 3.3.36 on potato.  Comparing XF86Config files between my debian
install and my linuxppc install, I found the following difference:

On debian ppc XF86Config, there is the line:
XkbKeymap "macintosh"

On linuxppc, there is no such line, instead:

XkbKeycodes "macintosh"
XbkTypes "default"
XkbCompat "default"
XkbSymbols "macintosh/us"
XkbGeometry "macintosh"
XkbRules "xfree86"
XkbModel "pc101"

Does anyone know why they are different and should I make my Debian file
look more like my linuxppc XF86Config?  Perhaps I should just leave it
alone, because debian X works fine, following the linux mantra "it works, but
I don't know why"


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