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Re: moving from linuxppc - newbie needs help please

sobrien wrote:
> will be able to use my exisiting partitions (i don't see why not) and if
> i will still be able to use BootX, or will i have to use yaboot?  i
> really want to be able to use apt, i hate redhat's package manager.

download the linux file, and put it in "linux kernels".
get ramdisk.tar.gz and put it in "system folder"

boot from bootx with linux kernel and ramdisk

get the base2_2.tgz, and know how to get to it from linux

Don't know about installing over linuxppc

> my equipment
> RevB iMac 233
> 64M ram
> 2 gigs for Mac 8.5
> 2 for debian (right now linuxppc)
> i am downloading the .iso now, but the download has failed twice.  can
> anyone suggest the best mirror?  will i be ok with just the first binary
> disc?

don't get the iso, mirror locally, or just download packages as needed.

you can mirror and then build iso from that with kit.


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