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RE: External Modems

> From: Mike Fedyk [mailto:mfedyk@matchmail.com]
> Do you know if I'll be able to chain any modems together?  
> Using one modem port
> for two modems...  Is that possible?

	Don't know enough, but how would you choose to which modem to send a
signal?  What you could do is getting a PCI adapter with multiple RS-422A
(is this the correct name of the Mac serial port) connectors and attach one
modem to each port.

	But I don't even know if such adapters exist.  They are fairly
common in the IBM-compatible world, the Cyclades ones even are made by
Linux-friendly (and Brazilian!) people.

> I saw an UPS that chained it's connection to a bunch of Macs. 
>  Maybe that's just
> for one way broadcast...

	Looks like you are right.

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