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Re: modem not working

In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Sebastiaan wrote:
 > Nop, already tried that with ppp from woody (is 2.4.0).
 > Thanks.
 > Sebastiaan
 > > > Serial connection established.
 > > > ioctl(PPPIOCGFLAGS): invalid argument
 > > > tcsetattr: Invalid argument
 > > > Exit.
 > > dpkg --compare-versions $(v=`dpkg -s ppp| grep ^Version`; echo ${v##*:}) lt 2.4.0 && \
 > > 	echo "You must upgrade package ppp to version 2.4.0 or later"

I did notice this with my setup (woody + unstable, ppp 2.4.0-1 under kernel

If you look in /var/log/debug, there's some funky stuff going on with LCP.
It goes through the entire initialisation but as the ISP end sends the last
few packets to enter data mode the local end sends it's ACK, but somehow
it's: a) not sending it out or b) it's getting corrupt before sendout.

Unhelpfully, 2.2.x crashes for me shortly after initiating a connection.
Suspect I may have to downgrade ppp to use with 2.2.x.

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