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Re: wierd Xpmac problem

Andrew Sharp wrote:
> pohl wrote:
> > 
> > in X, only my left shift key and left control key work
> > properly.  The ones on the right-hand side of the keyboard
> > are unresponsive.  Here's the details:
> Does the right shift work while on the console?  If not, then it's 
> the same problem I had, which was solved by getting one of those 
> so called Extended keyboards.  Suddenly everything works fine.

Unfortunately, this is not the same problem that I'm having.
My keyboard works perfectly in console mode, only misbehaving in
X.  But since you mention it, i'm not using the keyboard that
shipped with this G4...i couldn't stand not having a control
key for the right-hand pinky, so i replaced it with a macally 
ikey keyboard -- and have been using it without any problems
for months until my aborted attempt to upgrade to xfree 4.


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