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Re: What kernel to use?

On Sat, Feb 10, 2001 at 01:49:01AM +0100, Fabian Jakobs wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a bit confused. There seem to be some different 2.4er kernel trees for 
> ppc around. I heard of paulus, benh and linus kernels. Maybe there are even 
> more. Could anyone point out, which kernel to use and how they differ?

2.4 mainline (from kernel.org aka the Linus tree) is broken broken
broken on powerpc, its getting closer in 2.4.2pre but it will probably
still be broken in 2.4.2 final.  *maybe* 2.4.3 but my guess is 2.4.5
at the earliest. 

there are several bk [1] trees in different states.  out of those there
are a few rsync trees.  the two main active ones are rsync bk (which
contains the latest 2.4 code, usually a 2.4.XpreY) and a paulus tree
which contains the current 2.4 stable release with powerpc patches,
but its NOT static, it seems to be changing constantly (as of
yesterday it was broken from what i hear on irc)

in short, stay away from 2.4 until the mainline kernel on
ftp.kernel.org works on powerpc.  none of the various trees are stable
nor static patches against the mainline.  2.4 on powerpc is not
very stable.  don't run it unless you really know what your doing.
stick with 2.2.18, its stable from mainline, requires no patching, no
bk, no rysnc crap.  

> mfg Fabian
> P.S.
> Which one is the debian kernel?


[1] bk (bitkeeper) is an apparently proprietary source control system
that powerpc developers are using to manage the kernel source trees.
(Linus/upstream does not use it)

Ethan Benson

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