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Re: help

On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 12:56:11AM -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> Last time I was at sun.com getting staroffice, there were sources available as well.  It's pretty big bunch of source or binaries, hey it's supposed to compete with Office, right?  ~:^)  The binary that you download comes packaged as a self installing binary, something you don't see too often on Linux.  I don't recall seeing it for PPC, but I would say that there are a couple of other options in Debian which are viable, IMHO.  Two are: abiword and lyx (OK, I've tried lyx, it was sufficient for me, but I'm not all that demanding on word processors, also it is a frontend for LaTex).  Heck, "netscape -composer" does vitually everything I need.

Sure, abiword is nice, as is gnumeric, magicpoint (not yet packaged, but a
nice powerpoint like program, i may package it, given time).

For lyx, i much prefer plain latex and a nice makefile, ...

That said, i think openoffice is important, because the only thing that trully
is hindering linux to become a mainstream desktop solution for the unaware is
a MSOffice concurrent.

What is the main reason most people stay with windows, just word and the odd
app they bought, or for gaming, but i am speaking about err, serious users.

OpenOffice (or another like program) will remove the lone reason i am not
installing linux on the boxes of relatives who come to me crying because their
box is totally unuseable because of that nice little outlook virus.


Sven Luther

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