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XFree 4.0.2 ATI driver


 It has been reported that the new version 4.0.2 of XFree includes
 the accelerated server for the ATI chip. I am running this version
 on a Lombard, booting with yaboot and using the new input layer.
 The funny thing is that there are man pages for r128 and all other
 drivers except for the ati, and that only the fbdev works so far.

 I am posting the config file and the log file. As there are people
 who are using the accelerated server, I would like to know how they
 did it. I note that no patches or compiling from souce should be
 involved in the issue, as this is an old problem and I remember that
 the 4.0.2 version includes these patches.

 I include the log and the config in two separate mails, as I am
 having problems with attachments.


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