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DHCP client in unstable?

So what is the current solution for configuring the networking of a PowerMac
running debian/unstable (kernel version 2.2.17) from a DHCP server?

I used to use (actually still do) dhcpcd (1.3.17p12-8), but that seems to
have been removed (dselect says it is obsolete).  I'm trying to do a new
install, and I tried pump (0.7.3-2) and dhcp-client (2.0p15-3), but neither
of them seemed to work (I can't successfully ping anything).  Has anyone had
any success with either of these on PPC?  Any hints/suggestions?

Incidently, does anyone know why PPC unstable pump is at at 0.7.3-2, while
x86 unstable pump is at 0.8.3-1?  Is there any place (on the web) where I
can look to get the answer to this question?  Is getting the latest version
and building likely to solve my problem?

    Peter Canning

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