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Re: LS-120 drive

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 08:54:40PM +0100, Michel Dänzer wrote:

> :)
> But I wonder if that's even necessary? When setting up a Sony cam for my gf's
> father, I just had to install the standard Windoze USB mass storage drivers
> and it worked - does this imply the cam uses FAT? Or some kind of generic USB
> FS?

the camera in question for me is a toshiba pdr m4.  it use smart media
flash, under 2.4 its allocated /dev/sda which looks like hard disk
with one FAT12 partition taking up all space, this partition contains
a MSDOS filesystem.  

i once attempted to write to the device and the usb layer got so
fscked up i had to reboot the machine in order to make it usable
again.  now i only mount the filesystem readonly and don't attempt to
manipulate the raw device.

later i found buried in the documentation it said not to attempt to
write to the camera from macos or windows as it (or maybe just the
flash) would be damaged.  it doesn't ellaborate much.  from what i can
tell of the docs it just appears as another lettered drive under
windows, and as a floppy or hard disk under macos.  i have not tested
that since i don't have macos or windows anymore.  

Ethan Benson

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