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Re: A last question to Pismo owners (floppy drive)

>I am very glad that Linux runs this well on my Pismo, yet I belong to that 
>apparently vanishing (at least in Steve Jobs' opinion) group of people who 
>still use floppies on a regular basis, and therefore decided to order a 
>VSTTech Superdisk/1.44 floppy drive for my Pismo's right-hand side expansion 
>The problem is that they refuse to say whether it will work under Linux, and 
>so I am left wondering whether anyone has had any luck at all using this 
>drive with her/his Pismo under Linux, secretely suspecting that I just threw 
>$250 out of the window...
>Has anyone tried to use this drive under Linux? If so, how did it go?
>If not, do you think there is any way it *might* work?
>Thank you for any input.

It may work. It can be either an IDE device, in which case you have to
check if it's properly handled by the ATA Floppy driver of the kernel, or
it may be an USB device (the Media Bay of recent machines contain an USB

Plug it in, and tell us what dmesg says


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