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A last question to Pismo owners (floppy drive)

Hello everyone,

I am very glad that Linux runs this well on my Pismo, yet I belong to that apparently vanishing (at least in Steve Jobs' opinion) group of people who still use floppies on a regular basis, and therefore decided to order a VSTTech Superdisk/1.44 floppy drive for my Pismo's right-hand side expansion bay(http://www.vsttech.com/vst/products.nsf/e9ced539cb8a5212852568890073bf15/0078de75fa87f6208525676e004960dc?OpenDocument).

The problem is that they refuse to say whether it will work under Linux, and so I am left wondering whether anyone has had any luck at all using this drive with her/his Pismo under Linux, secretely suspecting that I just threw $250 out of the window...

Has anyone tried to use this drive under Linux? If so, how did it go?

If not, do you think there is any way it *might* work?

Thank you for any input.


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