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Re: should I get potato or woody?

Otto wrote:

> I'm looking into installing debian-ppc on my pismo, but don't know which
> version to get, potato or woody.
> someone on this list mentioned that potato doesn't support the 2.4.x
> kernels, so I guess I would be better off with woody (I want 2.4.x for USB
> and firewire support). is that correct?

Most stuff in potato should work fine with 2.4 kernels. The biggest exception
is probably modutils (2.4 kernels need a more recent version than is in
potato), because it's tied to the kernel very directly. But you can always
build the latest modutils yourself for potato, the same goes for virtually any
other package.

> and then, how do I get woody anyway? I've been looking around
> cdimage.debian.org but it seems I can only get potato that way. do I have to
> install potato first and then upgrade to woody?

Yes, there are only (official) CD images for released versions.

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