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Re: LS-120 drive

> > I've applied the patch to usb-storage.c and compiled and inserted it, but I
> > seem to be having trouble with scsi emulation still.  When I try 'mount -t
> > vfat /dev/sda /mnt' I get:
> usb mass storage does not work under 2.2 kernels AFAIK.  i tried it
> for quite awhile and finally gave up and upgraded to 2.4.  (on an
> intel box)  mass storage works quite well under 2.4.

Yes it does. 2.2.18 vanilla does just fine for me. linux-pmac-stable from
a while back (pre18) compiled on PPC or Intel also works fine. For
sufficiently relaxed definition of 'fine' on Intel (horrible crashes of
the USB driver after a bus hang) if you absolutely insist on torturing the
USB device by dumping one huge 200MB file to the device, but just fine
most of the time. And just fine on my Lombard all of the time. That's with
a 250MB Zip drive on the bus and nothing else, and building the uhci or
usb-uhci drivers as modules instead of builtin seemed to help a lot with
stablity for some reason.

I have to insert the usb-storage module manually though. Upon loading that
module, it will intialize a SCSI host probe to find the USB bus as new
host adapter, and probe for devices on that host adapter's bus. Watch for
errors in the log output from the modprobe usb-storage command.


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