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Re: G4 cube 2.2r2 install stalled...

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 08:55:41PM -0500, Jeremy Radlow wrote:
> I'm trying to get Debian 2.2r2 installed on a G4 cube.
> After a couple of false starts, I've gotten to the point
> where Debian is apparently installed on my system, but
> the system won't boot from the hard drive.

i can see why, please reread the installation documentation.  

> Here's what I did:
>     - Booted off a CD
>     - Set up the following partitions:
>          /dev/hda4 (10MB)   /boot
                     ^^^^^    ^^^^^

you don't need this get rid of it.  instead create a 800K type
Apple_Bootstrap partitions that is NOT MOUNTED ANYWHERE.  

>          /dev/hda5 (500MB)  /
>          /dev/hda6 (1GB)    /usr
>          /dev/hda7 (2GB)    /var
>          /dev/hda8 (16GB)   /home
>          /dev/hda9          swap
>     - Installed the base system
>     - Section 7.17.1 in the installation manual indicates that
>       I should use yaboot as my bootloader, so I executed a shell
>       and did the following:


> # ofpath /dev/hda
> hd:

this is not needed on IDE disks.  

> # mkofboot --boot /dev/hda4 -m /usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot --root /dev/hda5

see above, you just erased all your kernels because you mounted the
bootstrap partition on /boot.   bootstrap != /boot bootstrap == x86 MBR

>             --partition 5
> Make an HFS partition on /dev/hda4? [y/N] y
> #

otherwise its correct.  

> Then I rebooted.
> When I boot into OpenFirmware (Cmd-Opt-O-F) and
> type boot, I get a "Can't find bootable partition error".

yup, no bootstrap partition. 

> What did I do wrong?

you did not create an Apple_Bootstrap partition for yaboot, you made
an ext2 /boot partition, installed the kernels there, then erased them
and put yaboot there.  

> Please bear in mind that I know very little about Macs... :-)

please visit my site and read my partitioning doc at
http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/doc/mac-fdisks-basics.txt and watch
the installation docs very closely, note the partition types for teh
bootstrap partition, the size of the bootstrap partiton and the fact
that it should not be mounted anywhere, especially /boot.  

Ethan Benson

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