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Re: bootable CD for powerpc

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 01:03:23AM +0000, Francesco Lanni wrote:
> I was trying to understand what procedures I should follow to create a
> bootable CD for my G4 PowerMac.
> I thought that I have to use mkhybrid.
> Any hint/help? Also is there any documentation available?
> Thanks in advance
>     Francesco

you need to just put yaboot and a simple ofboot.b script somewhere on
your CD, (look at the examples in the current debian CVS).  then you
need to setup a minimal `maps' file so they get the proper HFS types.
once you do that run mkhybrid like so:

mkhybrid -part -hfs -map maps -no-desktop -hfs-volid Debian_Bootstrap
\ -r -o cdimage.raw master

the maps file looks like this:

# This mapping is needed to successfully boot and to keep macos from
# treating everything like a text file (ugly!)
# EXTN   XLate   CREATOR   TYPE     Comment
.b              Raw     'UNIX'    'tbxi'   "bootstrap"
yaboot          Raw     'UNIX'    'boot'   "bootstrap"
linux           Raw     'UNIX'    'boot'   "kernel"
.conf           Raw     'UNIX'    'conf'   "bootstrap"
root.bin        Raw     'UNIX'    'root'   "root_image"
*               Raw     'UNIX     'UNIX'   "unix"

after you make the image you need to `bless' whatever directory you
put ofboot.b and yaboot in do that like so:

hmount cdimage.raw
hattrib -b ':install:powermac:'

if you put the ofboot.b/yaboot in the root directory (this makes
things easier..) use hattrib -b :

then burn your CD and it should boot like any other macos cd (on
newworld only).  

the current potato debian CDs should already be bootable on all

Ethan Benson

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