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[keybord] [X] space key problem....


here is a description of the problem

kernel 2.2.18 home made to use the new-input-layer (see the .config with
the relevant parts)
french extended USB keyboard

keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes set to 1

using the keymaps for the french keyboards here
alienated to tgz, extracted and installed by hand.

whille loading the keymap everything is OK under console.

under X using Xpmac
that display the following message at startup

	Xpmac / X Window System (X11R6.3)
	Release Date: April 10, 2000

	Running in mode=14, depth=32; req mode=0 depth=0
	Using VT number 7
	Mapped frame buffer (physaddr 0x81800000 size 0x300010) at
	Mach64 detected. Mapping regsiter...
	Mapped physaddr 0x817ffc00 size 0x1000 at 0x30015c00.
	Mach64 successfully mapped. Starting acceleration...
	PEXExtensionInit: Couldn't open default PEX font file  Roman_M
	mach64CreateGC: unsupported depth: 8. Using cfbCreateGC instead.
	mach64CreateGC: unsupported depth: 15. Using cfbCreateGC
	Using XFree86/Linux keycode handling.

(yes I need to use Xpmac instead of Xfree4.*, for the momment)

Xpmac is launched by xdm with the following options
zazie:~ > more /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers
:0 local /usr/bin/X11/Xpmac -mode 17 -depth 24 -kbdtype fr_new vt7

OKAY I got a french keyboard quite useable
1) arrows are unusable
	left	produce 4 + beep
	up	        8 + beep
	down		2 + beep
	rigth		6 + beep

2) pressing space once, gives me a repetition of spaces until I press an
other key, like if space is sticky

3) ctrl-command-fn did'nt allow me to switch back to the console

	oops..... there's something wrong
	did I do something wrong ??

	thank's for any advice.


ps and oh an other thing, while working under the console
   both caps-lock and num-lock sends hid.c: ctrl urb status -32 received

je suis en train de pouffiner ma conf sous SUSE (distrib
intéressante.... :-) et j'envisage de tester ensuite  la
RH 6.0, juste pour voir...
-+- OP in GLP : bien pouffiner sa conf ou le contraire -+-

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